By Far The Most Disgusting Weapon Of WWII – You’ve Gotta Be Kidding…

By Far The Most Disgusting Weapon Of WWII – You’ve Gotta Be Kidding… | World War Wings Videos

Daily Mail

Don’t Give A Rat’s.

War is hell and both sides will do what they can to achieve victory for their respective causes. During WWII there were many great advances in weaponry, aviation, bombs, engineering and so on used to gain the upper hand. And then there were the not so great ones that you can’t possibly believe it past the drawing board.

Daily Mail

It was known as the rat bomb and in basic terms, it is a rat with a bomb inside. These were developed during Germany’s occupation of France by resistance fighters to sabotage German factories. The initial ideas were to use insert these rat bombs into boiler rooms where they would be disposed of in the furnaces causing massive explosions.

Daily Mail

The idea was never put into motion because the Germans wised up to bombs and went on active hunts for them. It was probably for the best to prevent the loss of factories and the spread of black plague.

“Many of the unexploded Rat Bombs were later mounted and used as training exhibits in German military schools.”

Now one of these devices has been discovered and it on expected to fetch thousands of dollars at auction. Rats may have gotten a bad rap for being stuffed with bombs, but these days some nations have successfully trained them to sniff out landmines. This video shows that they are far more useful in finding weapons than they were as being weapons.

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