Ferocious F/A-18D Hornet Squadron Blasts Off Into Action

Ferocious F/A-18D Hornet Squadron Blasts Off Into Action | World War Wings Videos

Lance Cpl. Luisa F. Torres

Jaded Thunder.

The best of the best are converging once again to test their skills over the next few weeks in the Jaded Thunder joint-service exercise. Over 800 military personnel converge on the city of Salina, Kansas to participate in the combat trials.

Units from the Navy, Army and Air Force will take part in Jaded Thunder 17. The locals are sure to expect a little more noise than they are used to due to the presence of fighter jets honing their combat skills.

“Operating from the Salina Airport, military units get realistic and efficient training. The less time pilots spend in the air getting to the training venue, the more time, and fuel, they can spend over the range training with personnel on the ground. The availability of the Smoky Hill Weapons Range, coupled with a supportive community, make the Salina Airport a preferred location for military training.”

Lance Cpl. Zachary M. Ford

Here is a sneak preview of some of the action that is going to happen at Jaded Thunder. A huge group of F/A-18D Hornets prepares for action over at the Smoky Hill Weapons Range, so you can see how good these guys are and you just can’t help but love the paint job on those jets.

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