FiFi Brake Malfunction During Landing

FiFi Brake Malfunction During Landing | World War Wings Videos

YouTube / Pilot SpOB's Airplane Videos

They Can Be Unpredictable!

Operating old machines such as this B-29 Superfortress has its drawbacks. The uploader, Pilot SpOB, was at the Nashua Airport watching the CAF Airpower History Tour 2021 when he noticed something wrong about “Fifi” – the legendary Superfortress built in WWII.

YouTube / Pilot SpOB’s Airplane Videos

About halfway into her landing roll, it was clear that Fifi’s left main gear outboard wheel had locked up. It skidded along the runway and produced a decent amount of white smoke as the aircraft halted to a stop. 

YouTube / Pilot SpOB’s Airplane Videos

Fortunately, it taxied to the ramp without incident, though they did scrap its subsequent flights for inspection. 

This wasn’t the first nor the last time Fifi had problems regarding her construction. Back in 2006, Fifi was indefinitely grounded after a series of engine problems (one that included an engine failure during an airshow). 

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