Fighter Lover’s Paradise – Over A Dozen Jets In Action

Fighter Lover’s Paradise – Over A Dozen Jets In Action | World War Wings Videos

The Fighter Community

Fighter Lover.

They come in all different shapes and sizes, some are old, others are new but we all love fighter jets. It is a thing of beauty to see these planes in the sky, soaring at top speeds above the earth. There are aviation fans who love vintage warbirds, some who prefer Fifth Generation fighters and others who love current models. They have designations for different missions and a variety of weapons but they are all amazing in their own way.

“Aircraft that can be seen in the video includes F-35B and EA-6B from USMC, F-35A, F-22, F-16C, F-15C/E, A-10C, KC-135, B-52 from USAF, F-35B from RAF, Eurofighter Typhoon from AMI, F-16AM from Norway, CF-18 from Canada and F-15K from Korea.”

We all have our favorite fighters, you have yours and I have mine. But for now, we can just look at all these jets in motion to admire them in the skies. The footage from the Fighter Community brings several of aircraft together in this beautiful film showcasing their love of jets. They have created a masterpiece for the fighter lover.

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