The First F-16 AGGRESSOR Footage Ever Recorded

The First F-16 AGGRESSOR Footage Ever Recorded | World War Wings Videos

YouTube / Hasard Lee

This is Actually Eye-Opening

This footage is the first F-16 Aggressor footage ever recorded, and we’ve got to say that we absolutely dig the flight leader’s perspective on what it actually means to be an aggressor and the reasons why they have to perform it.

YouTube / Hasard Lee

This video is definitely an eye-opener since it gives the audience insights into what it actually is to be an aviator. It was also clarified that the aggressor’s mission is not to actually destroy but to exploit the mistakes, and enhance the procedure.

Also, props to the pilot for his remarkable attention to detail, how he’s actively monitoring what’s going on, and how he can switch to combat mode even at a moment’s notice.

YouTube / Hasard Lee

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