First Person Flying: This P-51 RC Is Incredible

First Person Flying: This P-51 RC Is Incredible | World War Wings Videos

Get An RC, A Great Camera, A GI Joe And You’re Good To Go

While perusing the internet, we found that you can buy your very own P-51 Mustang for about $1.5M dollars. Now, if you’re fortunate enough to shell out this type of cash for a toy, (well, technically it’s an investment), that’s awesome and please send us some videos! For the rest of us, airshows and RC flying will have to do. The RC pilot in this video however, chose to model the P-51 Mustang to fulfill his need for flying. It’s a great plane and a great model, but he took it a step further. Actually, two steps further.

The head tracking goggles allow you to move the camera inside the cockpit, making the experience much more real and fulfilling.

Firstly, he mounted a Mobius camera which allows him to not only get a live feed through his goggles while flying, but also have it track his head movement on the ground. This allows him to actually check his sides as if he was sitting in the cockpit and that is pretty awesome. Secondly, to add to the realism, he actually rigged an 80s GI Joe so that his hand actually moves the stick while he’s flying. Now, that’s as real as you can get without the aforementioned bank account. Hope you enjoy it.

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