Singer Butchers National Anthem, 3 Warthogs Shut Him Up

Singer Butchers National Anthem, 3 Warthogs Shut Him Up | World War Wings Videos


Here Comes Your Daily Dose Of BRRRTTTT

Some people are undeniably lucky to see this up close, others like me are just enjoying the site behind the computer screen. Lol. This insanely low fly over at the Michigan International Speedway is a dream come true for all aviation enthusiasts.  Let’s focus on the badass Thunderbolts and just ignore the guy singing in the background (we’re hoping he’s seriously considering a career change, by the way) because for all we know, the legendary war birds make better sounds. 🙂 The whine of the engines is music to everyone’s ears and if you saw that little maneuver towards the end of the video, it’s marvelous! Nothing feels safer than having not one or two but three Warthogs watching your back. The name alone can strike fear into its enemies. The moment you hear BRRRTTT, you are so dead. Pun intended.

Low and slow baby! Low and slow!

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