Martin Hawaii Mars – Flight to Oshkosh

Martin Hawaii Mars – Flight to Oshkosh | World War Wings Videos

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‘Large and In-Charge’

Kermit from Kermit Weeks Channel on YouTube had a fantastic opportunity to fly the Martin “Hawaii” Mars to AirVenture back in 2016. This footage gives viewers an overview of his flight from Vancouver to the EAA Seaplane Base on Lake Winnebago, Wisconsin.

YouTube / Kermit Weeks Channel

We can’t believe how big that plane was, and it had a spectacular shape as well. This aircraft definitely radiates “large and in charge,” and was probably built at that time when aviation engineers really dreamed big. Kudos to the owner of the video for giving the viewers a never-seen video and audio experience. Since it’s already sold off and retired, then this will likely be a never-again experience.

YouTube / Kermit Weeks Channel

Would you love to go for a ride on this plane? Let us know your thoughts by leaving a comment!

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