Flying The World’s Biggest Turboprop Plane

Flying The World’s Biggest Turboprop Plane | World War Wings Videos

YouTube / Sam Chui

Cargo Ship of the Skies 

YouTube Sam Chui takes us on a wide ride, giving us a peak of what it feels to be inside the world’s biggest turboprop- the Antonov An-22 Antei. Chui takes us on an unforgettable flight from Leipzig to Bremen aboard the An-22. According to its crew, the An-22 featured in the video is 47 years old, and can load ships, and even helicopters!

Not only does the plane hold the record for being the largest turboprop aircraft, but also for the world’s first wide-body aircraft! Furthermore, it holds a Guinness World record for having a maximum payload of 250 tons (551,156 lb).

Woah- this plane is like the cargo ship of the skies with so many compartments. Not to mention, witnessing how the crew handles this big beast makes it more interesting!

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