This Footage Of Wingsuit Fliers Next To A Plane Is Heart-pounding

This Footage Of Wingsuit Fliers Next To A Plane Is Heart-pounding | World War Wings Videos

Niccolo Porcella / Facebook

You Only Live Once.

Let’s start off with the fact that we do not condone any activities performed in this video. Well, maybe except for flying that plane which looks pretty cool. Also, if you want to enjoy the thrills of flying in a wingsuit you may as well do that too. The hell with it. If you’re going to combine the two and get the rush of a lifetime, all the power to ya.

Honestly, some people are built way different than others. Some people look ten times before crossing the street. Others become pilots and further down the road you have adrenaline junkies who’ll do anything as long as they get their fill.

The earliest wingsuit jump (more like attempted) was done in 1912 by Franz Reichelt. He ended up “opening a measurable hole in the frozen ground.”

In this video, you’ll see a duo unlike any other. Calling themselves Soul Flyers, the team is composed of Vince Reffet and Fred Fugen. Those are the fearless dudes flying next to this plane.  They have jumped in the thousands (each) under their belts and have been doing this for decades.

Notice how close they get to the propeller when they fly underneath the wings though. Pretty impressive no matter who you are, or think you are.

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