Four A-10s Fly Over Boise State

Four A-10s Fly Over Boise State | World War Wings Videos

YouTube / WDWBSU#1

As Good As It Gets!

How do you make an A-10 flyover better? Add 3 more Warthogs!

YouTube / WDWBSU#1

These warbirds were in attendance during the Boise State Broncos-Air Force Falcons Game at Boise State on November 24, 2023. The four A-10s flew in formation just over the stadium, their famous silhouettes highly visible in the blue and white skies.

You can hear the loud cheers from the crowd as the formation came closer to the stadium after the National Anthem. Take a look at this incredible shot from the video!

YouTube / WDWBSU#1

Hopefully, we get to see these legendary planes again in the future. Seeing them fly this close is magnificent to watch!

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