Getting Buzzed By 8 A-10s Is Spine Tingling

Getting Buzzed By 8 A-10s Is Spine Tingling | World War Wings Videos

Bram van der Sluis

This Will Give You Such A Big Grin.

This wonderful piece of footage comes to us from Germany. A person passing by the Spangdahlem Air Base probably saw a couple of planes in the sky and realized that what they were looking at was pure A-10 glory. Not 1,2 or even 3 were up there but 8! Glad they took out that camera!

These A-10 arrived in Germany mid February, and were part of a squadron of 12. As the situation in Ukraine escalated. The additional troops and planes were meant to be stationed there in order to “bolster security.” A series of drills and exercises were to be conducted in order to prepare for CAS missions if the need arose. What better plane to fly over then if not the A-10?

When you watch the video though, you’ll see that not only do these planes look great (some call them ugly, never understood that) but they also sound great yet eerie. They have that specific engine whine and when they approach landing, that whine only intensifies. When you’re the enemy, that’s what gives you the shivers right before you never hear the “brrrrrt.”

The uploader turned off the video for imbedding, so while we figure it out, you have to go to youtube to see it. Here’s the link. Sorry guys!

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