This Giant RC Me 262 Sounds And Flies Like Nothing You’ve Seen Before

This Giant RC Me 262 Sounds And Flies Like Nothing You’ve Seen Before | World War Wings Videos

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Can’t Even Imagine The Work That Went Into This Crazy Plane.

Finding a giant RC Messerschmitt Me 262 is just as rare as seeing a real one. In fact, as of this writing, there is only one restored and airworthy example of the Me 262 and only one RC like you’ll see in this video.

As for a quick background on the Me 262, they were the first operational jet-powered fighter aircraft in the world. Thankfully introduced at the end of World War II, had they been put in combat earlier the Allies would have had a much tougher time defeating the Axis.

Here are some notable facts about the Me 262s:

  • They were powered by 2 Junkers Jumo 004 B-1 turbojets and were first of their kind
  • They had a top speed of 559 mph, flying at about 160 mph more than the fastest Allied planes
  • They were equipped with four 30mm MK 108 cannons and could be armed with bombs and rockets

As for this particular RC model, it’s owned by one of the best RC pilots in the field. Ali Machinchy, born in the U.K., is an avid RC enthusiast who made RC piloting his entire life. Introduced to the sport by his father at a young age, he always managed to make some money doing what he loved. He opened his first hobby shop after graduating from college and soon owned 25 of them. It’s no wonder then that he had the time, skill and capital to bring us this Me 262. It’s truly a work of art!

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