Gigantic B-29 Roars Through The Skies After 40 Years Rotting In The Desert

Gigantic B-29 Roars Through The Skies After 40 Years Rotting In The Desert | World War Wings Videos


Good old Doc, there is a lot to be said about this legendary B-29 Superfortress. Doc has a proud history serving in combat during WWII and a not so proud history of decaying in a desert graveyard for over 40 years. Doc has had some not so good days, but now he’s never looked better and he’s up in the skies again.

After WWII, Doc had a brief period serving as a calibrating radar but this role didn’t last long and he would end up in the Mojave desert in a scrap heap waiting to be target practice. Fortunately, Doc was never hit by any bombs and just sat there for decades collecting dust until Tony Mazzolini discovered the aging bomber. It took him over a decade to acquire Doc from government possession, but Tony Mazzolini wouldn’t give up, he was determined to see Doc fly again.

It took almost 20 years, hundreds of volunteers and countless hours of work to restore the B-29 to good shape. Even more impressive was when the engines roared to life and Doc’s took to the skies, becoming one of only two B-29s left on earth that can still achieve flight.

When Doc goes up in the air he flies to perfectly that you wouldn’t think that he had spent decades on death’s door. Check out this video of Doc making an amazing flight at the Whiteman AFB Airshow, you won’t regret it.

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