Ground Attack Day – P-47 Thunderbolt and A-1 Skyraider

Ground Attack Day – P-47 Thunderbolt and A-1 Skyraider | World War Wings Videos

YouTube / Fight to Fly Photography

Beautiful Pair of Birds

The Flying Heritage Collection hosted a Fly Day at Paine Field featuring their very own Republic P-47D Thunderbolt and an A-1 Skyraider from Heritage Flight Museum in Bellingham, Washington. This is some pretty fantastic footage of two fantastic planes.

We got to say that the P-47 is one of those underrated WWII fighters of all. It surely is a beautiful sight to behold. Plus, the sound of the P-47’s engine is sweet music to our ears.

We also never realized that the Skyraider is such a large aircraft. This American single-attack aircraft had an unusually long career- serving from 1946 all the way to the early 1980s. Such beautiful pair of birds, both of them simply magnificent.

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