Gun Camera Footage From WWII Dec, 1944

Gun Camera Footage From WWII Dec, 1944 | World War Wings Videos

YouTube / Air Zoo

Incredible Footage

In this video, we get to dive into some pretty cool gun footage from WWII which was taken around December 1944. This was taken from the Air Zoo Archive, and got to say, we’re pretty impressed with the quality of these videos. It’s by far, one of the crispest and clearest gun camera footage we’ve ever seen. 

YouTube / Air Zoo

WWII dog fights are pretty intense. The 1:55 mark for instance, if that were .50 cals fired at the Fw 190, and hitting all over the cockpit, I feel pity for the people inside.

YouTube / Air Zoo

Also, since it’s from footage from late December 1944, then it probably highlights the days the Allies scored the quickest air victories over Europe. What do you think? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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