Guy Builds H-4 Herc To Pay Ultimate Homage To The Original

Guy Builds H-4 Herc To Pay Ultimate Homage To The Original | World War Wings Videos


Shut Up And Take My Money.

Here’s something you don’t see every day. A huge remote-controlled Spruce Goose.

The original plane didn’t fare as well as what you’re about to see. Designated H-4 Hercules, it was a flying boat designed by the Hughes Aircraft company. It was originally meant to be a transport aircraft but wasn’t completed in time to serve during World War II.

FUN FACT: The H-4 Hercules has the largest wingspan of any aircraft ever built. It’s 320 feet and 11 inches wide.

Costing $23 million at the time which translates to roughly $251 million today, it was sort of a waste without a lack of a better word. After its first flight, which only reached 70 feet above the water at 135 miles per hour, it was retired due to the lack of necessity and funds.

Here, you’ll get to see a much smaller version of it fly. Definitely not the same thing, but we like the fact that someone out there that is keeping its spirit alive. Keep up the good work.

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