Guy Builds His Own Mustang And Stuns Spectators–Now You Can Too!

Guy Builds His Own Mustang And Stuns Spectators–Now You Can Too! | World War Wings Videos

Gotta Love That.

Sometimes it’s really difficult to decide what’s cooler and/or better. In this case, is it cooler that this pilot flies super low and close to the crowd, or the fact that he’s doing it in a Mustang he built himself? If you think about it though, the answer might be both. We just love everything about it.

So you’re probably wondering how does one actually get around to building a Mustang.

Let us start off with the fact that these are actually 3/4th the size, but painstakingly accurate to scale. Now hear us out. They’re affordable no matter which way you think about it. A vintage, restored P-51 (ok, we know it’s not the same thing) will run you over $1 million. Not sure how you’re doing in life but we’re guessing it’s a far reach for most of us.

Provided you have a pilot’s license (which isn’t that expensive), you can get your own T-51 Mustang for….$60,000! You have to put it together of course if you don’t want to pay for assembly, but that price covers the most basic one. If you want to get fancier and get a more powerful engine for example, it’ll cost you more, but hey, it’s within reach.

The manual says the build time is about 1,600 hours. You’re probably hammering away at something or fixing an old lawnmower in the shed anyway, so why not use that time to build yourself a Mustang. If you want detailed info about this company, click here to go to their site.

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