Guy Finds WWII Film Of His Dad Destroying German Airfields

Guy Finds WWII Film Of His Dad Destroying German Airfields | World War Wings Videos


Son Of A WWII Pilot Finds Gold

Can you imagine rummaging through some of your old stuff and finding a film containing your dad’s gun camera footage from World War II? Well, that actually happened to the son of a World War II pilot and we have the proof below.

Not only did a Youtube subscriber by the name of jwgrenning find it, he uploaded it for everyone to see. As an added bonus, his dad was still alive at the time and provided the details he remembered about that mission. Talk about some truly historical footage.

The pilot’s name is Lieutenant H.F. Grenning Jr. who was part of the 434th Fighter Squadron of the 479th Fighter Group. On this particular mission he was tasked with strafing German airfields. He remembers the day was August 18th, 1944 as he set off from Nancy-Essey airport in Eastern France and headed for his target.

Over 10,000 P-38 Lightnings were produced during World War II.

According to him, about 35 P-38 Lightnings were part of this strafing attack and in the end it was quite a success. As you’ll see in this footage, bullets were flying all around the squadron, something he faced during every single mission.

All in a day’s work.

See The Actual Video Below

Check out the video below and see how low these guys got. Towards the end, you can even catch a glimpse of another Lightning up in front wrecking havoc on its targets at the same time. Pretty neat stuff.

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