Guy Re-Makes The ‘Pearl Harbor’ Trailer And It’s Hilarious

Guy Re-Makes The ‘Pearl Harbor’ Trailer And It’s Hilarious | World War Wings Videos

screen junkies

This Is The Way It Should Have Been Done.

Oh, Pearl Harbor. A movie with so much promise yet it disappointed many people. When it comes to aviation fans, it disappointed all of them. Although the movie was popular when it came out because of its special effects and larger than life story, anyone with some knowledge of history would have a stroke watching this movie.

This, of course, is something the guy who made this video picked up on.

Welcome to one of the funniest channels on Youtube. Screen Junkies. Formerly known as Honest Trailers, this channel simply takes most movies and well, makes them honest. It’s one of those things that you have to see to get, but it’s absolutely hilarious. From Top Gun to Forest Gump, they go over the holes and nuances of every movie while giving you a new perspective of it.

Warning, this may kill some movies for you though.

When it comes to Pearl Harbor, however, they went all out. From the goofy characters to some things being completely inaccurate, this Honest Trailer is truly a work of art. Check it our for yourself and share it if you liked it as much as we did.

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