Had B-29s Failed, THIS Little Known Bomber Was To Replace It

Had B-29s Failed, THIS Little Known Bomber Was To Replace It | World War Wings Videos


The Dominator Has A Ring To It Too.

We all know about the B-29 Superfortress.  It was one of the biggest planes of World War II, the most advanced in many aspects and of course nuclear capable. Even if you’re not a plane fanatic you know what Enola Gay was and what plane was named that. They’re pretty famous.

This however, was not clear when they were first being built. As with any airframe, it needs to be tested and tested again in order to see if it can perform the functions it was designed to do. As the United States needed a heavy bomber to reach far away places, Boeing designed them to do just that. Consolidated however, were the back up.

In the end, only 118 Dominators were produced.

Although it flew for the first time in 1942, the B-32 Dominator was introduced on January 27th, 1945. A heavy strategic bomber, they were deployed in the Pacific as the war was winding down, and were quickly retired on the 30th of August of the same year. They served well as reconnaissance aircraft, but were just no longer needed at the end of the war.

This video is a newsreel from 1945 that introduced this new bomber to the general population. It’ll give you a lot of neat facts about a plane that no one really knows about.

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