He 111 Heinkel Tour and Flight Demonstration

He 111 Heinkel Tour and Flight Demonstration | World War Wings Videos

YouTube / EFP Network

Inside a Historic Warbird

Pilot Clint Fraser gives us a tour of the He 111 Heinkel Bomber belonging to the Confederate Air Force. According to him, the plane was built by the Spanish after the war under license. So, technically, it’s a true Heinkel bomber but built by the Spanish, and then used by the Spanish Air Force.

The plane features a top speed of approximately 270 miles an hour and is fitted with Rolls-Royce engines. Fraser explains that the original design goes back to the 1930s- so it’s an old-technology airplane. Surprisingly, the plane had no armament to protect it’s crew and had very small caliber weapons for defensive purposes.

We definitely love the cool details inside the plane. Unfortunately, this aircraft crashed in 2003, which is quite a pity since it was the only flying Heinkel in the world.

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