He Sits In The Last WWII Bomber Of Its Kind–Tells INCREDIBLE Survival Story

He Sits In The Last WWII Bomber Of Its Kind–Tells INCREDIBLE Survival Story | World War Wings Videos

Guidance Aviation

Not Many Things Make Me Tear Up.

Stories like these should be shared across the globe. As of today, there are just a over a million World War II veterans left, about 400 of them passing away every single day. According to studies, there won’t be any of them left by 2036. Because of this, we should all be attentive to the ones who are still sharing their stories so we understand the gravity of the war, what people went through and hopefully learn from it.

“I can’t believe, that Guidance Aviation would go through all the trouble and expense just to get me to see the airplane. They treated me as a hero, which I definitely feel I wasn’t and I was only there representing the 9,000 prisoners of war that I spent 16 months with back in Germany.”-Barney Wasowicz

Last year, Barney Wasowicz, was invited to the Museum of Flight and got VIP treatment which was organized by Guidance Aviation. We’re not going to tell you his story in this writeup, because he tells his story way better than we can. At 91, he’s as witty as ever and recalls his story with great detail and it seriously made us tear up a bit.

We just want to extend our gratitude to Mr. Wasowicz but also to the Guidance Aviation and anyone involved in making this happen. It was truly a pleasure to see everyone doing their best to keep this history alive and also making this man’s day this special.


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