This Only Happened Once-Almost All The ‘Cats’ Tore Through The Air

This Only Happened Once-Almost All The ‘Cats’ Tore Through The Air | World War Wings Videos

Grumman Displays All Its Cats On The Same Day

Let’s begin this fascinating airshow description with throwing in the fact that a Corsair also makes an appearance in one of the formations. This extra treat makes this already star-packed airshow even better. Shot in 1995, this event was called the Wings of Eagles-Final Victory Air Show where the best Grumman airplanes were flaunted for our viewing pleasure.

If you’re not familiar with some of these planes, here are some basics:

  • The F8F Bearcat was a single-engine American fighter produced at the end of World War II and is one of the fastest propeller planes in the world
  • The F7F Tigercat was introduced in 1944 and did not see any combat in World War II. It was the first twin-engined fighter aircraft in the United States Navy
  • The F6F Hellcat was made for the United States Navy and was its dominant fighter over the Pacific Theater against Japanese Zeroes

This short clip also features quick interviews with some of the pilots. It’s interesting to note that all of them have a legitimate passion for flying these planes, which we can definitely understand. We just hope we could fly them too!

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