Footage Of Pilot’s Hellcat Bursting Into Flames And The Miracle Afterwards

Footage Of Pilot’s Hellcat Bursting Into Flames And The Miracle Afterwards | World War Wings Videos

It’s Incredible How Much Of World War II Was Actually Caught On Film.

This almost unreal footage of World War II was taken in the Pacific Theater. Although the clip is longer and is dedicated to describing how Japanese Kamikaze pilots were prepared and trained, we’ve cued up the video towards the end.

Forewarned of impending Kamikaze attacks, Allied fighters were sent out to intercept them. As aggressive air battles developed, many Allied pilots who survived had planes what were severely damaged. As you’ll see, even after landing on a carrier (which was already difficult) their troubles were far from over.

“Another pilot is trapped in his blazing aircraft. His chance of survival is very, very thin.”-Narrator

Damaged, some planes land with missing landing gear while others have shot up engines and fuel tanks. Upon landing, some of them erupt in flames. The part that we are showing you here is actually close to a miracle.

When you see the thick smoke and fireballs coming out of everywhere, you’d probably think the pilot had no chance even if it was due to the sheer lack of oxygen.

The brave and tireless emergency crews on deck got as close to the plane as possible, however, spraying foam on the doomed plane. Miraculously, the pilot emerged from the steaming plane on his own and although slightly burned, seemed to be alright. As intense as this footage was, something like this was, unfortunately, a constant occurrence during the war.

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