Helldiver Startup

Helldiver Startup | World War Wings Videos

YouTube / Robert Coakley

Hard to Find

Seeing this rare warbird just doesn’t get old. Out of the very few remaining Helldivers in the world, this one sure seems pretty lively.

This Helldiver’s 14-cylinder radial piston engine still sounds as good as new. After the initial startup, it shows us how sleek it looks as it unfolds its wings. What an amazing experience it must be to see a Helldiver up close.

Hopefully, more of these SB2Cs resurface soon. So far, only one Helldiver is airworthy and it can be seen in air shows around the country. Apparently, two more of these planes are under restoration in hopes of making them airworthy as well. Only having one airworthy Helldiver is just not enough.

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