Here’s A Preview Of The Tony Foulds Sheffield Memorial Flypast Happening 2/22/19

Here’s A Preview Of The Tony Foulds Sheffield Memorial Flypast Happening 2/22/19 | World War Wings Videos

David Robinson / YouTube & Can You Handle The Truth / YouTube

In early January 2019, Dan Walker of BBC Breakfast happened upon a very special man named Tony Foulds.

Thanks in huge part to Dan Walker, who tweeted about the meeting, Tony Fould’s incredible story captured the hearts of millions.

Tony Foulds joyfully raises the American flag with Dan Walker in preparation for the flyover. | Kith N Kin / YouTube

Tony’s Wish

75 years ago in 1944, a Flying Fortress named “Mi Amigo,” crashed into the trees beyond the park where Tony and another boy had been standing. All ten of its crew members perished in the explosion. Guilt ridden that his presence on the open field had prevented the crew from landing safely, Tony has devoted his life to caring for the crew’s memorial with unwavering devotion.

 Tony had one wish – a flypast on the anniversary of the event to honor the crew of ten.

The crew of B-17 Flying Fortress nicknamed “Mi Amigo” of the 305th Bomb Group. Back Row: Robert Mayfield, Vito Ambrosio, Harry Estabrooks, George Williams, Charles Tuttle, Maurice Robbins. Front Row: John Kriegshauser, Lyle Curtis, Melchor Hernandez, John Humphrey. | David Robinson / YouTube

The world got to watch as Tony learned that U.S Air Force stationed at the RAF base in Lakenheath will carry out the flypast that Tony has dreamed of.

The flypast will include an F-15 Strike Eagles from RAF Lakenheath, a KC-135 Stratotanker, a MC-130J Commando II, a CV-22 Osprey from RAF Mildenhall, and a Typhoon and Dakota from RAF Coningsby.

The names of the B-17 crew members will be shown on the planes participating in the flypast. | David Robinson / YouTube

That flypast is happening Friday, February 22nd.

Here are the details:

  • The flypast will take place from 6am – 9:15am. BBC will be live broadcasting the event.
  • At 8am, there will be a memorial service with a bugler and a reading from St. John’s Gospel.
  • The flypast aircraft will carry the names of each of the 10 crew members and a Missing Man formation will take place.
  • Tony Foulds will get to meet family members of the crew, including two of the pilot’s nephews and the grand niece of the bombardier.
Visitors photograph the memorial as the park prepares for the event. | WalayatFamily / YouTube

Check out the video blow for a peek of what’s to come!

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