Here’s An Incredible Demo Of An F-104-No Music Just Pure Jet Power

Here’s An Incredible Demo Of An F-104-No Music Just Pure Jet Power | World War Wings Videos

Xrm150 / YouTube


No Music AND No Talking.

We love all aviation and we make it out to airshows as much as we can and although we love them, the announcers are just…annoying. We get it though. They’re necessary because there are a lot of folks attending who don’t know what they’re looking at, so these guys help educate them. We’re not trying to be cocky, but we personally don’t need that for the most part and the non-stop jabber just kills the show for us.

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The F-104 Starfighter first flew in 1956 and broke many world speed and climb records at the time. It’s max speed was 1,528 mph.

Then, you have YouTube uploaders who take spectacular videos of our favorite planes and then…put their favorite song over them. They kill the engine sounds and just play some 70s style porno music (you know what we’re talking about) rendering the video impossible to watch. So, yeah, that’s our rant.

This video, however, is perfect. There’s no other sound in the background other than the Starfighter and you can get your fill. Check out the video for yourself. It’s got almost 1 million views so you know it has to be good. 

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