Here’s NASA’s Video Of Testing The First Supersonic Parachute Deployment

Here’s NASA’s Video Of Testing The First Supersonic Parachute Deployment | World War Wings Videos

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Mars, Here We Come.

This footage is uber exciting for anyone who’s an aviation fan. Well, maybe a little higher than that. A fan of things that fly and will eventually fly in space.

NASA has done some incredible research over the years which impacted humanity for the better. Not only because they’ve explored more space than anyone else but also because their problem-solving skills ended up being used here on earth. Think camera phones, scratch resistant glass, memory foam, enriched baby food and literally dozens of other objects we use daily that we might not even know were invented by NASA.

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The parachute deploys at 1,300 mph and withstands 35,00 pounds of drag force.

Now, NASA is testing a new technology (or combination of technologies) that could potentially be used for good on earth. For now, however, it’s meant to stop a speeding space exploration rover from crashing into the Red Planet. 

They’re planning to send a very sophisticated rover to Mars in 2020 that will collect samples and tons of data. To give it a more gentle and precise landing than their prior Curiosity rover, however, they need a new chute.

The video below will tell you some neat factoids about this new system and the incredible forces it can withstand. Check it out for yourself.


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