Here’s The Newest Lancaster Flyby Video – Turn Up The Volume!

Here’s The Newest Lancaster Flyby Video – Turn Up The Volume! | World War Wings Videos

Wonkabar007 / YouTube

Here’s at World War Wings, we’re people of simple tastes and it doesn’t take a lot to satisfy us when it comes to World War II aircraft. A simple flyby of one can get our hair to stand up straight, but when it’s of a super rare and iconic aircraft then hold on to your hats.

Canadian Warplane Heritage “Mynarski Memorial” Lancaster Mk X FM213 painted as “VR-A”. | Bzuk / Public Domain

Such is the case with this Avro Lancaster flyby caught just recently because it’s beyond spectacular.

A front right view of a black-painted Merlin engine. | JAW / Public Domain

The YouTube channel Wonkabar007 has shown us some really awesome warbird videos in the past, but this might just take the cake. Featuring one of only two airworthy Lancasters left in the world, this planespotter set himself up right behind the fence at the end of the runway and got a really great shot of the beauty taking off.


Not only that, he was using a professional microphone from what we gather because although you can see all the bushes moving in front of him, there was no wind noise. What he captured was pure Merlin music, something we’re sure we can all appreciate.

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