High-Ranking Luftwaffe General Risks His Life To Reject Hitler On The Me 262

High-Ranking Luftwaffe General Risks His Life To Reject Hitler On The Me 262 | World War Wings Videos


Adolf vs. Adolf.

Adolf Galland was among the most successful and well-decorated pilots of the Luftwaffe during World War II. His signature mustache and cigar in hand were almost as iconic as his 104 aerial victories against the Allied Forces. He was no stranger to combat, but he was also no stranger to controversy even against Adolf Hitler.

Following the death of his superior Werner Mölders, Adolf Galland was promoted to the rank of General but restricted from flying combat missions. His flying experience proved quite valuable to the strategic side of the Luftwaffe and gave them great insight for aerial victories. Galland was always outspoken on his passion for aviation especially after the debut of the Messerschmitt Me 262.

The Me 262 marked the first functional fighter jet, going at speeds far faster than any other aircraft of WWII. Adolf Galland saw an opportunity to establish fighter and interceptor squadrons to thwart the invading Royal Air Force. However, Hitler had other ideas for the Me 262 and wanted it to be used as a bomber instead.

“One might as well give orders to call a horse a cow.”

– Adolf Galland

Hiter and Galland butted heads on the issue and the Fuehrer even called for his imprisonment for denying his orders. Eventually, the Me 262 went into service as a fighter and Galland had the opportunity to fly them in combat against the Allied Forces. In this clip, Adolf Galland gave a short interview about rebelling against Hitler and his love for flight in the Me 262.

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