Homemade Plane Build- Takes Flight

Homemade Plane Build- Takes Flight | World War Wings Videos


Some People Just Have It In Them.

Some people collect postage stamps, others play games. There are a million different hobbies you can get involved in, but some people just love to fly. No matter what they fly apparently.

Here we have an incredibly neat looking plane. From what we gathered this was a home build and this guy took it up for a test flight in this video. You’ve got to hand it to him though, this does not look like it would even get off the ground (but we’re sure he knew what he was doing.)

As for the type of plane this is, we seriously have no idea. It looks like something out of the 1920/30s (possibly one of the Flying Flea designs), but we’re not sure. If we had to guess, it was inspired by Dastardly & Mutley. Remember that?

We have a pretty big community here (almost 1 million strong.) If any of you have any information about this build, please let us know. We like to share things with facts with you guys as opposed to just showing you videos, but we had a hard time tracking this plane down.

Drop us a line if you know anything.

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