I Hope You Love The Sound Of Loud Warbird Engines

I Hope You Love The Sound Of Loud Warbird Engines | World War Wings Videos


Thundering Warbirds.

Is there anything more pleasant than the sight of a warbird flying triumphantly through the air? Well, there might be one thing that’s better, hearing their engines roar when they pull an amazing flyby. The Oldtimer Airshow in Hahnweide, Germany is a haven for lovers of vintage warbirds. Dozens of WWII-era planes come from all over to this beautiful town to fly alongside beautiful hillside scenery to their adoring fans.

“Over the past 34 years, this event has become one of the largest gatherings in Europe. Still, the entire organization is performed by the volunteers of the flyers Wolf Hirth. The vintage aviator meeting took place every two years in each case on the first weekend in September.”

Echoes of the warbird engines can be heard thundering throughout the German hills, reminiscent of a Word War II dogfight. You get to hear everything from zooming Me 262 jets, roaring Spitfires and the buzz of a T-6 Texan. This highly entertaining video will keep you coming back for more because these hills are alive with the sound of warbirds!

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