How A Russian Su-33 Went Swimming In The Sea

How A Russian Su-33 Went Swimming In The Sea | World War Wings Videos

YouTube / The Fly Zone

An Unfortunate Mishap

How did this Russian Su-33 end up floating in the water? The crash happened in 2016 when the plane tried to land on an aircraft carrier Admiral Kuznetsov. However, it ended up swimming in the sea. So, what the Earth went wrong? 

Well, a series of mishaps led to its demise. Firstly, it failed to latch on to the arresting wire with its tail hook. Thus, it had to make a second attempt. While it caught the wire on the second try, the cable snapped. 

The plane, slowed by the cable, didn’t have enough speed to take off, and it plummeted into the water. Fortunately, the pilot managed to eject in time and was picked up by the rescue helicopter. The Su-33 wasn’t so lucky though. 

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