How Much Do You Actually Know About D-Day?

How Much Do You Actually Know About D-Day? | World War Wings Videos

A Day In Hell.

Today marks the 72nd anniversary of D-Day. A year in the making, this day marked the official assault on Nazi occupied Europe by a number of countries, aimed at pushing Nazis back and begin their demise.

Although successful, it did come at a cost however. Facing heavily fortified installations where they landed, the Allies had to fight for every inch of progress. At the end of the day, they suffered 10,000 casualties with over 4,000 dead. As many who suffered through it put it, “the water was red with blood.”

As this is a very significant event in our world’s history, it’s important to keep it alive. Sadly, many people don’t know the basics. Here at World War Wings we figured that as World War II plane and military aviation fanatics you’d know more than most.

For this reason, we put together this test that’s between easy and hard. Some questions are easy (although not for all) and others might make you reach a bit further to get the answers. Heck, you might even learn something.

We ask you to share this quiz on this day so that others can learn from it and keep this history alive. As always, share your results too so we know how you did, and give us any recommendations as to what to do next.

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