How To Start a WWII Spitfire

How To Start a WWII Spitfire | World War Wings Videos

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Typical Day In The Fields

For the record, this has been my dream ‘job’. Mondays wouldn’t be so bad if this bad boy here is your ‘office.’ Can you imagine? Getting to fire it up while listening to the rumble of engines.

But why exactly do we love the Supermarine Spitfire so much? Could it be because it’s the most famous plane during World War 2? Is it because of the superior specifications that makes it a formidable rival? Is it because of the groundbreaking design and the reputation of being a reliable killing machine that could shoot down even its toughest opponents? Is it because it doesn’t just boast of maneuverability or speed or firepower but ALL three of them? Or is it because its classic look reminds us of its significant role in aerial warfare?

Whatever the reason is, there’s no doubt that Spitfire continuous to be one of the most loved war birds of all time.

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