Huge A-380 RC Jetliner – Freaking LOUD

Huge A-380 RC Jetliner – Freaking LOUD | World War Wings Videos

YouTube 'RCHeliJet'

Toys For The Big Boys

You might want to remove your headphones for this, it’s better with loud speakers. You’re welcome.

At some point during the footage, I thought this was a full-size Airbus A380 flying around an audience of giants. It looks hands-down perfect and sounds just like the real thing. If I were there, it would be hard to stop myself from riding that RC while it flies around. Lol. This pretty much makes every other RC model look so toy-ish. If I had something like this, you’d never see me again. I’ll probably be somewhere flying this Airbus 24/7. Okay maybe not ALL the time but you get my point.

Lots of people asked how much this is. Of course, stuff like this won’t come cheap but everyone must remember, it’s not easy controlling something as big as this. Sure, you won’t be on it but it can still seriously injure someone if it crashes. So there, owning one also means taking full responsibility for it.

Nice landing, by the way.


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