HUGE B-36 RC Peacemaker Takes Off

HUGE B-36 RC Peacemaker Takes Off | World War Wings Videos

Youtube / DIGITAL RC

Very Nice, How Much?

Now THIS is a build! Youtube channel “DIGITAL RC” uploaded an awesome video a few months ago of a massive RC B-36 Peacemaker that actually flies!

The B-36 Peacemaker was a strategic bomber designed and produced by the United States during the early Cold War era. It was the largest piston-engine aircraft ever to enter production and featured six Pratt & Whitney R-4360 Wasp Major radial engines and four General Electric J47-GE-19 turbojet engines. The B-36 was primarily designed to carry nuclear weapons and had a range of over 10,000 miles, making it a key component of the United States’ nuclear deterrent strategy.

The B-36 had a massive wingspan of 230 feet and a length of 162 feet, making it an impressive sight on the runway. Despite its size, the aircraft was relatively fast, with a top speed of 435 mph. It was also capable of carrying a massive payload of up to 86,000 pounds, including the first hydrogen bomb. The B-36 remained in service until 1959 and played a critical role in shaping the strategic landscape of the Cold War.

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