Huge Jetliner RC Loses Control- PLOWS Into Spectator!!

Huge Jetliner RC Loses Control- PLOWS Into Spectator!! | World War Wings Videos


Man That Ought To Hurt!

We love to show you guys some World War II Rc planes once in a while, as some real examples simply aren’t airworthy anymore. Others are huge and are worth mentioning too, but while searching up some great videos, we stumbled upon this little gem.

Sorry for the video quality, but this footage must be very old. No worries though, as you’ll be able to clearly see what happened. And it might hurt you to do so, so our apologies.

Apparently a plane hobbyist wished to built himself a passenger jet of his liking. From what we can deduct, it must be an older Boeing. It’s quite sizable too but flies like a charm. Until the landing of course.

Now imagine this was a World War II RC like a B-29 or something. Can you imagine the mess?

Upon approach, there is some crazy wobbling going one. Either the crosswinds were strong or maybe the pilot lost his cool, but that thing was bound to crash any second. He did however manage to set it down on one wheel and somehow leveled it off and she hit the deck. What happened next is simply amazing in a sense.

The guy off frame had to be paying attention to this crazy landing but it seems like his reflexes were not so great. The massive wing of the RC cracks him right in the shins and he flips over it! Gladly, he just got back up and just rubbed his shins in pain, but man, that had to hurt!

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