Huge RC Convair B-36 Long Range Bomber

Huge RC Convair B-36 Long Range Bomber | World War Wings Videos


A Gentle Giant

Even a 1/14 scale of a Peacemaker doesn’t hold back in size! This plane owned by Quentin Ritter measures almost 12 ft long in length and 16 ft in wingspan. 

With those kinds of measurements, this Peacemaker weighs an astonishing 55 lbs – and that’s a 1/14 scale! The dimensions aren’t the only thing that’s amazing about this plane. For its weight, it flies and takes off so well even with strong crosswinds.

You should see how this B-36 managed to land during that much wind. Everyone was holding their breaths as it slowly descended to land. Ritter, the pilot, landed the Peacemaker like you would a B-52 in crosswinds. 

For what it’s worth, those electric engines seem to do the work well for this RC model.

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