Huge RC F-18 Blue Angels Scale Model

Huge RC F-18 Blue Angels Scale Model | World War Wings Videos


Taken from the Flight Day in Neuburg, Germany last September 2018, this huge RC F-18 Blue Angels Scale Model was definitely a showstopper.

A replica of the legendary aircraft flown by the US Navy Blue Angels demo team, it has spectacular craftsmanship and is quite rare. While most F18s are single turbines, this model actually features twin turbines. When it comes to power and awesome sound, nothing quite beats it, especially with its twin turbines pushing it forward.

The model also has a wingspan of 1,50 m and approximately app. 2,00m long. It also has a takeoff weight of around 15 kg.

During the demo in this airshow, the pilot impressed everyone with his aerial flight display and maneuvers. It showcased his skill level by landing smoothly on a short runway. Overall, it was such an excellent display of his F-18.

Check it out below!

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