Huge Rc P-40 Warhawk Takes An Unexpected Nose Dive–Thousands Destroyed

Huge Rc P-40 Warhawk Takes An Unexpected Nose Dive–Thousands Destroyed | World War Wings Videos

Everyone Of These Guys Is Good!

Welcome to ICARE AirMeet, a place for warbird fanatics to make their dreams come true if they don’t have millions of bucks to get their own vintage planes. What they do though is build their own large scale replicas and to be honest, the end result is nothing short of astounding.

Although we got you here to see the heartbreaking crash, we recommend you watch the entire video. It’s only five minutes long but it features some of the finest craftsmanship we’ve ever seen. These guys aren’t just excellent pilots, but build some of the best looking, not to mention sounding, Rc aircraft ever.

The crash happens exactly three minutes into the video, but we recommend you watch the entire thing. You’ll thank us.

The video features three different F4U Corsairs, a Texan AT6, the ill-fated P-40 Warhawk and last but not least, the P-47 Thunderbolt. The reason we left “Miss Behave” for last is that insane radial her owner put in her. About 10 seconds into the video, you’ll see her taxing before takeoff and the cameraman captured her rough idle. It’s beyond words.

We don’t mean to knock all the other warbirds however. The Corsairs sound spectacular as well, as does the Texan. It’s just that the Thunderbolt actually sounds to scale.

Let us know if you agree and tell us which bird you liked most!

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