Huge RC Su-30 Turbine Jet Takes Flight

Huge RC Su-30 Turbine Jet Takes Flight | World War Wings Videos

YouTube / Remote Controlled Media

Pilot Ralph Losemann definitely had one of the maddest piloting skills flying the Suchoi SU-30 RC Turbine Jet. The model has a 2,00 m wingspan and a length of 3,10 m. It weighs approximately 13 kg dry, and 18 kg with fuel. Its turbine is a JetCat 220RXi. This was taken during the Jets and Props event last year in Genderkingen, Germany.

For us, this is by far one of the craziest RC jet flights we’ve ever seen in a while. It’s also worth noting that many of these SU planes can do these moves with thrust vectoring.

Moreover, one needs to have amazing control skills to fly like this. Overall, it was incredibly fun to watch. It would be even more amazing if a real plane can do these tricks!

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