Huge RC U.S.S. Missouri Iowa Class Fires Guns

Huge RC U.S.S. Missouri Iowa Class Fires Guns | World War Wings Videos

YouTube / Hobby Zone

A Functioning Ship

The craftsmanship needed to pull off such an amazing build must have been astronomical. This 1/80 scale model of the U.S.S. Missouri Battleship just keeps on giving! 

Its guns can rotate easily and can also shoot real gunpowder. Meanwhile, the Tomahawk missile launchers can also be used to launch the cutest missiles you’ll ever see. With how much ordnance this massive battleship possesses, no wonder it weighs 154lbs. It even needs to be transported using a lift and trolley because of how big it is. For what it’s worth, all of this is powered with two car batteries.

This 10ft long battleship got all the details down to perfection. It’s a very well-made battleship all thanks to the people behind its construction.

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