The Important Reason Why Japan Does Not Hate The United States

The Important Reason Why Japan Does Not Hate The United States | World War Wings Videos

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World War II took a brutal toll on the nation of Japan as they lost just about everything with their unconditional surrender to the Allied Forces. Japanese citizens were starving due to food rationing, cities blown leveled to the ground by bombing raids and their economy was in ruins. You would think that the nation would hold a grudge against the United States, but nothing could be further from the truth.

Following the surrender of Imperial Japan, the nation was placed under the control of the United States and the Americans got to work. General MacArthur was appointed Supreme Command of Allied Powers and began his temporary stint as Emperor of Japan. MacArthur did not seek to rule the nation forever, but to show that Americans were a compassionate people. What happened next was one of the most amazing economic rivals in history.

First off was the military, they weren’t getting off easy after committing war crimes against other nations. Allied Forces implemented means to prevent Japan’s military from restructuring and only allowing them to use their force for defense. Next came the political restructuring which shifted from military figures in control to a more democratic society where the people vote for leaders.

General MacArthur worked towards breaking up business conglomerates which held monopolies and transitioned the nation into a free market based on capitalism. Finally, there were cultural shifts which allowed women to have more rights, making the Emperor a figurehead rather than having political power and a parliament Government.

The efforts put down by America radically transformed Japan into an incredibly successful and thriving nation which still flourishes to this day. This video goes further into detail of the Allied restoration of Japan following WWII.

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