In Just 4 Words, German WWII Pilot Describes Flying The Spitfire

In Just 4 Words, German WWII Pilot Describes Flying The Spitfire | World War Wings Videos



Quite possibly the most intense rivalries of the WWII was the Supermarine Spitfire and its constant battles against the Messerschmitt Bf 109. Long after the war, there are many people who argue over which of these planes is the superior fighter. To put the debate to rest they decided to bring in someone to experience both sides to help settle the issue.

Luftwaffe pilot Hugo Broch was one of the men who took the reigns of the Messerschmitt Bf 109 during WWII. At age 96, this ace pilot has been around the block a few times but he had yet to experience a flight in a Spitfire. Broch flew well over 300 missions for the Luftwaffe in a Bf 109 earning the Knight’s Cross of the Iron Cross, but he was always curious about the fighter he considered to be his greatest rival. He had a few words to say about the experience in the Royal Air Force’s iconic fighter.

“It’s a good machine.”

– Hugo Brach

Honestly, this was a dream come true to the legendary Luftwaffe Ace. He has a great respect for the fighter and it seems that it only increased upon after his flight. See Hugo Brach soaring in the Supermarine Spitfire in this clip.

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