Incredible Footage Of The Total Solar Eclipse From A Plane At 40K Feet

Incredible Footage Of The Total Solar Eclipse From A Plane At 40K Feet | World War Wings Videos

Fresh Tube / YouTube

Talk About A Once In A Lifetime Treat.

On Monday, August 21st, 2017, some people in the United States were able to view the Great American Eclipse which was a totality. The moon covered up the whole sun and people were flocking outside since this didn’t happen for decades.

Although going outside and looking up was pretty spectacular, we found something that might be even better. Since we’re aviation fans around here, we thought, “Wait, there had to be someone flying during that time.” Sure enough, a quick YouTube search gave us a ton of results.

The next total solar eclipse will happen in April, 2024.

Here, you’ll see a passenger on a commercial flight take video of the eclipse from his window-side seat. The video is sped up a bit so you don’t have to wait 45 minutes for the climax and the result is awesome. Notice how the entire sky and clouds went completely dark when the moon was smack in the middle. Pretty awesome, right?

The only thing that sucks about this video is that it was probably recorded with a broken toaster. Although we can’t complain as this is one of the better videos showing the totality, it’d be great to see it in at least 1080p. It’s 2017, isn’t it?

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