An Incredible Time Lapse Video Of The Busiest Airport in The World

An Incredible Time Lapse Video Of The Busiest Airport in The World | World War Wings Videos

Zachary Long / YouTube

Busy, Busy, Busy.

This incredibly neat video comes to us from a YouTube uploader by the name of Zachary Long. We figured that he’s a wedding photographer/videographer when we searched through his channel, but he did fit in a few side projects into his portfolio as well. The following video is just that.

He got some long shots of multiple angles of the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, which has been the world’s busiest airport for almost two decades (except for 2014). You can see both day and night shots of what goes on there in this sped up video, and you’ll be amazed. Each little dot is a plane full of people flying in and out and there are many of them.

Here are some really neat facts about this airport. It world’s busiest airport based on the number of passengers it moves daily. That’d be over 100,000,000 passengers a year which works out to about 260,000 per day. The reason that it’s so packed over there is that many of the connecting flights in the United States go through Georgia, so if you’re flying from NYC to SF for example, chances are you’ll have a connection in Atlanta.

Enjoy the video.

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