Incredible Video Shows The Gs Pulled By Pilot While Maneuvering

Incredible Video Shows The Gs Pulled By Pilot While Maneuvering | World War Wings Videos

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Now That’s A Thrill Ride.

This might be a morbid thought, but we’re guessing most of you are just like us. Being fans of aviation from pretty early on, the way our lives went might make us rethink why we haven’t even tried getting into a jet fighter seat. You know, study in school, join the Air Force and do our best to make it happen. It’s not bad, we all have our lives that we live, but watching a video like you will below and just thinking that the guy behind the stick is getting paid to do that is just awesome and…sad for us.

Approximately 250 JAS 39 Gripens were built until today and cost between 30-60 million dollars each.

Now that we got all that romanticizing out of the way, let’s talk about this video. Never before have we seen such a montage where one video contains the cockpit footage, the outside footage, and a G-force gauge. Such a setup really puts things into perspective as you get to see how the pilot feels and what kind of maneuvering he/she is doing from the exterior.

As for the aircraft in the video, the pilot’s flying in a Saab JAS 39 Gripen. This aircraft was introduced in 1997 and is used by the Swedish, South African, Chech and Hungarian air forces. It has a maximum speed of 1,370 mph.

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