ISU-152 Starts Up After 65 Years

ISU-152 Starts Up After 65 Years | World War Wings Videos

YouTube / spete

The Beast Killer Wakes Up

The Soviet Union developed the ISU-152 in WWII. These self-propelled heavy assault gun vehicles were powered by a Kharkiv Model V-21S diesel engine capable of outputting 520 hp. 

With this powerplant, the ISU-152 can reach a speed of 18.6 mph and an operational range of 105 miles. Moreover, the tank came equipped with a 155mm gun, a 12.7mm AA heavy machine gun over the hull roof, and another coaxial 12.77 machine gun.

Essentially, these Beast Killers – as they were called, were a modernized version of the SU-152s. They were used for fire support, self-propelled artillery, and tank-vs-tank engagements.

Though its best days are definitely behind it, this ISU-152 found in a Ukrainian village can still move and start its engines 65 years later. 

Today, the tank resides at Svente Manor and the Museum of Military Vehicles in Latvia after undergoing a complete restoration.

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